PERMALOCK™ - Our Patented Technology, Peace of Mind for Gulf Coast Homeowners

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Flooding is one of the most detrimental natural disasters that can affect your home.

Torrential rain and hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage to your home. Just one inch of water is enough to inflict severe damage to your property, and most home insurances do not cover flood damage.

A Unique Locking System

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Our patented technology is used by FEMA, VA, National Flood Insurance Program, HUD, FHA, Jefferson Parish Housing Foundation, and many others.

Davie Shoring has developed a patented technology called Permalock, the latest in shoring and home elevation construction. Permalock uses a unified hydraulic jacking system which keeps pilings vertically aligned to avoid buckling. This enables us to lift a home without compromising its structural integrity. Unlike other methods, each concrete block securely locks together into one continuous ridge piling, preventing lateral structural movement before and after the installation.

Also, Davie’s Permalock technology meets the necessary depth requirements, so that a home will remain stable even in wet soil. Best of all, Permalock home elevation is FEMA-approved and paid for by FEMA Grant funding with little to no out-of-pocket cost. The process only takes two to three days, and all contents inside will remain safely intact. With Davie Shoring’s new home elevation techniques, homeowners can feel confident knowing that their home will be safe from floodwater and foundation damage.

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Helping Solve Your Sinking Problem

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1. Pilings are driven deep into the ground to support the house. However, the depth of the soil can vary on the same site preventing some pilings from reaching the point of refusal.

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2. Local building codes require minimum piling depths for certain areas. In some cases pilings need to go deeper than the code requires.
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3. Over time the weight of the house can cause the house to sink. Piling failure occurs because they are not driven deep enough. This can cause the house to tilt causing structural damage to the foundation.
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4. Davie Shoring then comes in and excavates beneath the slab and cuts off the top of the piling. We attach a PermaLock™ block using our threaded PermaLock™ System. The proper amount of hydraulic pressure is applied to press the block and piling deep into the ground. This process is repeated until the piling reaches refusal.