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Started in 1993, Davie Shoring quickly became a major shoring contractor in the New Orleans region with a reputation as a quick, efficient, and trusted shoring and foundation company.

Specializing in home leveling, home foundation repair, home elevation, and structural moving, the company has raised over 2,500 homes located in the flood-prone areas of Louisiana in its over 25-year existence. Davie Shoring has since grown to serve homeowners all over the Gulf Coast, from Texas to Florida.

With 15 crews and 10 experienced supervisors, Davie Shoring can service more than 100 homes a month.

Since 2005 alone, they have finished over 1,300 homes. This includes moving homes with second or third stories and elevating or stilting houses to any required height. In addition, its Permalock shoring technology has made it a leader in secure methods that will support a home for years.

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Preserving the rich history and landmarks of the Gulf South

​Davie Shoring understands that preserving historic structures is the key to keeping history alive. Its numerous historic projects range from safely relocating 8 historic New Orleans homes from demolition to participating in the Rebuilding Together New Orleans project with the New Orleans Preservation Resource Center.

Commitment to excellence

Davie Shoring’s commitment to excellence is apparent through its recognition and awards, including a 2005 “Heaviest Building Not Moved on Rubber Tires” award from the International Association of House Movers. HGTV featured Davie Shoring in two episodes of Hauling House: Hydraulic Haul and Model Home on the Move. More recently, Davie Shoring received a 2013 “Heaviest Structure NOT Moved on Rubber Tires” award and was recognized for “Most Innovative Move” by the International Association of Structure Movers.

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