Home Elevation

Any height, any size.

Flood Prevention Is Possible!

Reduce the risk of flooding to your home by elevating it. Raising your home is one of the most effective ways to prevent flood damage. You shouldn’t have to live with the physical, financial, and emotional strain of flood risk. That’s where we come in! With Davie Shoring, no house is impossible to raise. Any height or size, we can get the job done safely and securely! Our team utilizes a unified hydraulic jack system that allows us to safely lift a home onto stilts or platforms of any height.

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Davie Shoring Elevated Home


Our Home Elevation Process

Get an expert quote and schedule your elevation.

Watch It Rise

Your home is moving in the right direction—up!

Rest Easy

Kick back and relax with confidence that your home is protected.

Home Elevation Success Stories:

Brick Home with Repaired Foundation
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