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Whether you need a permanent or temporary building for your school, office, or business, we’re constantly updating our inventory of modular, relocatable buildings for purchase or lease. Need a temporary workspace while waiting on your permanent one? Does your business, nonprofit organization or school need a cost-effective modular building fast? Like something in our inventory, but need a turn-key project? At Davie Shoring, we relocate and refurbish buildings in our inventory to meet your needs, saving you time and money.

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Past Modular Building Projects

New Orleans Mission Modular Building Project

During the start of the pandemic, Davie Shoring partnered with the New Orleans Mission to provide and install five (768 sq. Ft.) Concrete Modular Buildings to be used as day rooms, game rooms, computer labs, exercise rooms and restrooms for use by the homeless in the city. Site prep, transport, set-up and finish out were completed within a period of six weeks. Completion of this project provided a much-needed service to the homeless citizens of N.O. and the New Orleans Mission. 

Elan Academy Modular Building Project

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Ask Elan Academy how we completed their 8-classroom building and site work in less than 60 days

Installation of a 6500 sq. Ft (8 Classroom) modular educational building with aluminum access ramps for Elan Academy. Along with the Modular Building install, DS was contracted to install a sub-surface drainage system, consisting of seven yard drains and bio-swell, a half-court basketball court with adjustable goal and 1800 square feet of new aluminum extruded canopies and concrete walk-ways servicing the bus drop off point to the main building. The drainage system that was installed will help the school avoid flood events that have disrupted normal operations in the past.