Lockport Shipyard: Ground-Breaking New Pile Driver

No Noise, No Vibration, No Impact

Most pile drivers halt business production and cause damage to the surrounding structures due to their pounding and vibration. Contractors have been looking for a solution that is less intrusive and is compact enough to reach construction sites with limited height.

Our team here at Davie Shoring designed an innovative pile driver that has no impact, no vibration, and consequently, no noise. In fact, it’s so quiet that we filmed this video on-site during the construction!

A Case Study:

We recently pressed pilings to support a new 20-ton crane system at Thoma-Sea Shipyard in Lockport, LA. As you know, most pile drivers disrupt the overall construction site and surrounding areas with their vibration and pounding. 

Davie Shoring’s ground-breaking new machine pressed each piling to 15.7 tons without impact by pushing 40,000 pounds of counterweight over the pile while driving. We installed 8-pile clusters of our patented Permalock pilings at each of the crane system’s 28 column bases. Our Permalock pilings are torqued together with threaded rods, and we pressed a total of 208 pilings using our innovative pile driver. The 8” concrete pilings were installed to 1600 psi with a 5″ cylinder that has a 48″ stroke. Now Thoma-Sea Shipyard’s crane system is secured with 208 individually-tested Permalock pilings that reach from 39 feet to 57 feet in depth.

Your construction site needs a pile driver that doesn’t cause a scene.

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