House floated off foundation during hurricane, Davie Shoring came to the rescue

The house at 5979 Hwy 39 in Braithewaite, LA lifted to a height of 18′ 7″, had floated off its foundation during hurricane Isaac and come to rest beside 2 trees.

acadian home elevated raised on wood blocks leveled

It was a raised pier home, but the way it was situated on the ground, it almost looked like a slab home sitting right on the ground. We jacked it up and moved it where it would stay on the property. The house was 1740 s.f. and measured 30′ x 58′ with the front and back porches. We had to secure the front porch, and change out some joists and flooring. But it really was structurally sound for what it went through. It truly is a hurricane survivor. It has a birds eye view from the porch,. The front steps give the historical house a stately appearance. Notice the stained glass in the gable of the dutch hip roof.