5 Buildings Donated to New Orleans Mission to Assist with COVID-19 Outbreak

Davie Shoring is donating five buildings to the New Orleans Mission in light of the COVID-19 outbreak in New Orleans. The five buildings will serve as day rooms for men and women from the homeless population, complete with clean bathrooms, a computer lab, game room, exercise room, and library.  

Davie Shoring has been preparing the site since Monday, March 23rd, and is currently moving the buildings in place to be set with the hopes of having the buildings ready for use by April 15th. The buildings will also be converted into quarantine space for COVID-19 patients from the homeless population when that need arises.

Each of the five buildings are 768 square feet, totaling 3840 square feet of new space on the New Orleans Mission property. Warren Davie, founder and CEO of Davie Shoring, has been personally preparing the lot for construction and will set up the buildings next week.

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