15 Slidell homeowners made thousands by elevating their homes

“Davie Shoring has a patent on an interlocking system to raise the homes,” Simms said. “It was really quite fascinating to see how they did it. First, they have diggers tunnel five feet under the house and put in the new support system that slowly raises the home a little at a time.”

“The amazing thing is that the homeowners only had to be out of the homes for a total of 48 hours during the entire seven months of work it took to raise all five units,” she said. “And the only reason they had to be out was because that was the time there were no utilities hooked up to the homes.”

“Simms said the value of the homes has increased dramatically with the threat of flooding now gone. She said the condo units used to sell for approximately $65,000 each, but should now sell for closer to $100,000 each.”

“When these condos were built they didn’t flood for many years,” Simms said. “It’s not the fault of the homeowners that this area was built up by construction of many other homes.”

Agatha Townsend, a longtime resident of Bayou Shadows, wrote in a letter to Simms that “some of us seniors can now age in place. As a longtime resident of Bayou Shadows Condominiums, I am happy, grateful and proud to be a native and resident of Slidell. It’s nice to be relieved of the ongoing flooding of our homes.”

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