› Davie Shoring has you and your family covered with our home moving services.

Moving a home in South Louisiana is no easy task, but home moving is our specialty here at Davie Shoring. Our teams have award-winning experience in relocating a home without damage. Home moving is also more economical, saving money on both time and labor needed to build.

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› In less than a month a structure can be relocated, while building a new one can take up to a year or more to complete.

Homes can be transported by barge to a new location or moved entirely on the road by a tractor trailer unit to the new site. No matter where your home is being transported, Davie Shoring has the equipment and crew to move any home, big or small.

› Here are the facts:

On average, new house construction costs $80-$200 per sq. ft., BUT moving an existing home costs $10-$100 per sq. ft. depending on the house, the route, and the time involved.

New house construction on average can use an amount of lumber equal to over 100 trees which take 17 years or more to grow.

New home construction can take a year or more, while moving a home can take as little as one month from start to finish.

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