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10 Signs of Foundation Damage

We are excited to get this free guide into your hands. Just leave your name and email in the form below so we know who and where to send it to! We hope your home’s foundation is just fine, but we are here to help if you find any of these symptoms!

Peace of mind with the experts on your side.

A faulty foundation can lead to serious long term problems for your home. Here at Davie Shoring, we know how important it is to take care of these problems up front and for good. From repairing cracked concrete slabs, to leveling houses with sinking foundations, Davie Shoring has you covered. We operate throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and into Texas!  Put your mind at ease, download your free foundation guide, and schedule a foundation inspection. With Davie Shoring you know your foundation is protected for life!

Introducing the Patented PermaLock™ Technology.

Our patented rigid piling system locks each block together, ensuring one secure continuous concrete piling. With the threading of each block, there is no risk of lateral movement during or after installation. The PermaLock system delivers true vertical alignment that resists buckling of supporting pilings that can occur with other systems. Davie Shoring’s patented technology is your clear choice for foundation repair! 

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The 10 Signs of Foundation Damage